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Welcome to Bare and Bloom Room ! A beautifully curated studio designed with skin & health in mind. A space to bare your skin health concerns and work together to reach your goals.
We look forward to meeting you. 


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Meet Bre


You can call me Bre

Bre is an Advanced Medical Esthetician with almost a decade of experience. A Certified Nutritionist, Paramedical Tattoo Artist and an active health enthusiast. Bre specializes in acne treatments and scar rejuvenation both on the face and body. 

Her knowledge and love for skin health continues to grow and as science evolves so does her curiosity for learning and implementing innovative ways to achieve healthy skin. In 2020 Bre obtained her Nutrition Certification pushing her further to help others achieve health inside and out. 

As a busy mom of 3 boys and business owner, she understand that time and management is essential to maintaining physical, mental and emotional health. Bre takes pride in helping others create unique and individual treatment plans and focuses on realistic goals that suit your needs and lifestyle so you can be successful in creating your healthiest self! 

xo Bre

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